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iOS Question

How can I check what is stored in my Core Data Database?

I am making a app that relies on Core Data.
I am able to enter data in a textField and submit it.

I was wondering how can I check what is stored in the Database in terms of entries?

I am trying to make a detailView to my tableView and I am not getting any results. Now I am wondering is that because I am doing something wrong with my code, or is the data nto being stored properly?

Cheers Jeff

Answer Source

If you use sqlite as the storage media for Core Data, you can run your app in simulator and try to check the database file which is located in the sandbox's Library folder.

The path shall be something like: ~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/5.1/Applications/3BF8A4B3-4959-4D8F-AC12-DB8EF4C3B6E1/Library/YourAppName.sqlite

To open the sqlite file, you need a tool. I use a free tool called Liya (

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