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Read Azure App Settings in Angular4 CLI

I have an Angular4 web app, deployed on Azure. Now I want to deploy this app to other environments on Azure: one for testing, one for acceptance and one for production. Every environment has different API endpoints and may have other variables, like Application Insights. All those environments run Angular in production mode.

The way Angular advises you to do this, is by the Enviroment files (environment.test.ts, enviroment.acc.ts, I could configure all the different API endpoints in those files, and run my build with

for production for example.

But that is not the way I want to do this. I want to use the exact same application package deployed to test for my acceptance environment, without rebuilding the project. In Visual Studio Online, this is also really simple to configure.

The point is: how can I make my API endpoints differ per environment in that way?

The way I want to do this, is by the App Settings in Azure. But Angular can't get to those environment variables because it's running on the client side. Node.js is running on serverside and could get those App Settings - but if that's the way I need to do it, how do I make Node.js (used in Angular4 CLI) to send those server variables to the client side? And what about performance impact for this solution?

How did you fix this problem for your Angular4 apps on Azure? Is it just impossible to fix this problem with the Azure App Settings?

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For everyone with the same question: I didn't fix this problem the way I described above.

At the end, I did it the way Angular wants you to do it: so rebuild for dev, rebuild for acc and rebuild for prod. In Visual Studio Online, at build time, it builds and tests our code and it saves the uncompiled/unminified code. At release time, it builds en tests it again and releases it to the right environment with the right environment variables (--prod for example).

I don't think there is another way to fix this.

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