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Node.js Question

How to write the function to lit LED on sense HAT simulator

I am trying to light a LED on senseHAT simulator. In the documentation it says we have to provide the coordinates and the color in the ,, format. But it doesn't mention how we need to set the msg.payload value inorder to actually lit the simulators LED. I have been searching for a while and I couldn't find any examples using nodeRED. All the examples available are done using python API.

The documentation of the nodeRED senseHAT simulator provides only the value formats.

Answer Source

where x=0 and y=0 are the coordinates of the 8x8 LED Matrix, which values from 0-7 You can append multiple commands in single msg.payload using \n

For example:

msg.payload = msg.payload+"\n0,1,#1100000";
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