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a = b = 5 in VB.NET - impossible?

Is it possible in VB.NET doing

a = b = 5
? (I know that
is a comparison operator too)

I mean do not result (if b = 2 by e.g.)

a = false
b = 2

HOW to do it, however, in situations like bellow?

The inconvenient caused this question in my code: some objects
a, b, .. z
are passed by ref in a method, if I don't initialize them compiler warns me that it shoudl be initialized(= Nothing by e.g.)

Dim a, b, c, d, z As GraphicsPath ' = Nothing is impossible, only each a part
DrawPaths(a, b, c, d, z) ' DrawPaths sets a = new GraphicPath() etc.

Answer Source

a = b = 5 means

if b = 5 then a = true else a = false

if you want to assign the value 5 to a and to b at the same time, you must add it on a separate line :

b = 5
a = b

you can also write them on the same line but using the line separator :

b = 5 : a = b
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