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jQuery Datatables Header Misaligned With Vertical Scrolling

I've posted this in the forums, but after a week, still no response. Hopefully I can find help here...

I'm using datatables version 1.8.1 and am having nightmares over column header alignment with vertical scrolling enabled.

With the code posted below, the headers line up correctly in Firefox and IE8 and IE9, but Chrome and IE7 are off. I'm using a lot of datatables on this project, and this is a problem with every one. I'm desperate for help!

EDIT: I have figured out that this has something to do with setting the width of the table. The datatable takes the width of its container. If I set no width, everything lines up fine (but the table is too big for where I need it on the page). If I give the table's div (or a parent div somewhere higher up) a width at all, the headers don't line up properly.



otable = $('#order_review_grid').dataTable({
'fnRowCallback': function (nRow, strings, displayIndex, dataIndex) {
return formatRow(nRow, dataIndex);
{ 'bVisible': false, 'aTargets': [COL_PRODUCT] },
{ 'bSortable': false, 'aTargets': [COL_IMAGE, COL_DELETE] },
{ 'sClass': 'right_align', 'aTargets': [COL_PRICE] },
{ 'sClass': 'center_align', 'aTargets': [COL_BRAND,COL_PACK] },
{ 'sClass': 'left_align', 'aTargets': [COL_DESCRIPTION] }
'sDom': 't',

<table id="order_review_grid" class="grid_table" cellpadding="0px" cellspacing="0px">
<thead class="grid_column_header_row" id="order_review_grid_column_header_row">
<td class="" id='sequenceNumber'>SEQ #</td>
<td class="grid_sc_header" id='statusCode'>Sc</td>
<td class="grid_sc_header" id='onOrderGuide'>O.G.</td>
<td class="grid_image_header" id='image'>Image</td>
<td class="grid_description_header" id='description'>Description</td>
<td class="grid_brand_header" id='label'>Brand</td>
<td class="grid_pack_header" id='packSize'>Pack</td>
<td class="grid_price_header" id='price'>Price</td>
<td class="grid_qtrfull_header" id='caseQuantity'>Full</td>
<td class="grid_qtrypart_header" id='eachQuantity'>Partial</td>
<td class="grid_refnum_header" id='referenceNumber'>Ref #</td>
<td class="grid_refnum_header">&nbsp;</td>
<tbody class="">
<!-- loaded data will go here -->

Answer Source

I had the problem and it turned out to be a side effect with my CSS. Try to disable all external css and see if the problem persists.