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C++ Question

Accept both lambda-functions and function-pointers as argument

I have a function, let's say

void processSomething(Arg1 arg1, Function t){

I want both of the following usages to work:

processSomething(myArg1, [&](SomeVariable someVar){...});
void(*myFunc)(void) = &someFunc;
processSomething(myArg1, myFunc);

However, I found that I can't use the lambda-way when using
as parameter declaration.
Any way to have both usages work without two separate functions or an overly complicated use of wrappers?

Answer Source

Well, you have two choices:

  1. Templates:

    template<class F>
    void processSomething(Arg1 arg1, F t){

    This is the preferred way as it creates more efficient code, but at the cost of possible code-duplication.

  2. Using a std::function or such:

    void processSomething(Arg1 arg1, std::function<void(SomeVariable)> t){

    There's a runtime-cost to the indirections involved, but it will use the same code in each case.

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