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What does the question mark and the colon (?: ternary operator) mean in objective-c?

What does this line of code mean?

label.frame = (inPseudoEditMode) ? kLabelIndentedRect : kLabelRect;

The ? and : confuse me.

Answer Source

This is the C ternary operator (Objective-C is a superset of C):

label.frame = (inPseudoEditMode) ? kLabelIndentedRect : kLabelRect;

is semantically equivalent to

if(inPseudoEditMode) {
 label.frame = kLabelIndentedRect;
} else {
 label.frame = kLabelRect;

The ternary with no first element (e.g. variable ?: anotherVariable) means the same as (valOrVar != 0) ? valOrVar : anotherValOrVar

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