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Any RAII template in boost or C++0x

Is there any template available in boost for

. There are classes like
which basically work on pointer. Can those classes be used for any other resources other than pointers. Is there any template which works with a general resources.

Take for example some resource which is acquired in the beginning of a scope and has to be somehow released at the end of scope. Both acquire and release take some steps. We could write a template which takes two(or maybe one object) functors which do this task. I havent thought it through how this can be achieved, i was just wondering are there any existing methods to do it

How about one in C++0x with support for lambda functions

sth sth
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shared_ptr provides the possibility to specify a custom deleter. When the pointer needs to be destroyed, the deleter will be invoked and can do whatever cleanup actions are necessary. This way more complicated resources than simple pointers can be managed with this smart pointer class.

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