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Android Question

You uploaded an APK that is not zip aligned error

I have just finished and signed the apk through android studio,
then I have did an apk protect through
when I am trying to upload the apk to play store I got this error " You uploaded an APK that is not zip aligned. You will need to run a zip align tool on your APK and upload it again. "
if I upload the original apk I got no errors,

I have tried to add zipalign true in the build.gradle but nothing happened
I have tried also disable and enable proguard .

Answer Source

You can run zipalign manually in command line

zipalign [-f] [-v] <alignment> infile.apk outfile.apk

Note that zipalign is located inside ${sdk.dir}\tools

For more details visit zipalign


Also, If you need to sign it you can do that using

jarsigner -verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore YOURKEYSTORE unsigned.apk alias_name

(jarsigner is located inside java JDK_HOME/bin)

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