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MySQL Question

Importing a csv into mysql via command line

I'm trying to import a very large .csv file (~4gb) into mysql. I was considering using phpmyadmin, but then you have a max upload size of 2mb. Someone told me that I have to use the command line.

I was going to use these directions to import it:

What would be the command to set the first row in the .csv table as the column names in the mysql table? This option is available through phpmyadmin, so their must be a mysql command line version too, right?. Please help me. Thank you.


Answer Source

Try this command

 load data local infile 'file.csv' into table table
 fields terminated by ','
 enclosed by '"'
 lines terminated by '\n'
 (column1, column2, column3,...)

The fields here are the actual table fields that the data needs to sit in. The enclosed by and lines terminated by are optional and can help if you have columns enclosed with double-quotes such as Excel exports, etc.

For further details check the manual.

For setting the first row as the table column names, just ignore the row from being read and add the values in the command.

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