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Test if byte is empty in python

I'd like to test the content of a variable containing a byte in a way like this:

line = []
while True:
for c in self.ser.read(): # read() from pySerial
if c == binascii.unhexlify('0A').decode('utf8'):
print("Line: " + line)
line = []

But this does not work...
I'd like also to test, if a byte is empty:
In this case


prints: b'' (with two single quotes)

I do not until now succeed to test this

if self.ser.read() == b''

or what ever always shows a syntax error...

I know, very basic, but I don't get it...

Answer Source

Thank you for your help. The first part of the question was answerd by @sisanared:

if self.ser.read():

does the test for an empty byte

The second part of the question (the end-of-line with the hex-value 0A) stil doesn't work, but I think it is whise to close this question since the answer to the title is given.

Thank you all

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