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C++ Question

Why could c++ include <stdio.h> and invoke printf method which is c(platform:ubuntu 14.04 compiler:gcc 4.8.4)

c++ compiler could compile code like this, and it executed correctly

#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
return 0;

I think printf.c will be compiled to printf.o with c compiler, I just checked the stdio.h, there is no extern "C" keyword, then how could c++ linker link printf in printf.o which is compiled with c compiler?(By the way, my platform is ubuntu 14.04, compiler is gcc 4.8.4)

Answer Source

Nobody can give you a definitive answer without knowing what implementation you're using.

Cheers and hth. - Alf gave one possibility, which is that the stdio.h that is included by a C++ program may not be the same as the stdio.h that is included by a C program. Another possibility is that it is the same header, and there is an extern "C" block, and you just can't see it. For example, I use gcc, and my /usr/include/stdio.h contains a __BEGIN_DECLS macro, which expands to extern "C" { when compiled as C++. See Do I need an extern "C" block to include standard C headers?

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