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Linux Question

Installing numpy on Red Hat 6?

I'm trying to install numpy on a Red Hat (RHEL6) 64-bit linux machine that has Python 2.7. I downloaded and untar'd numpy 1.6.2 from Sourceforge, and I did the following commands in the numpy-1.6.2 folder:

python ./ build
sudo python ./ install #without sudo, this gives a permissions error.

Then, when I do
import numpy
on the Python prompt, I get
ImportError: No module named numpy

I read somewhere that numpy 1.6.2 is for Python 3.x, so I also tried the above steps with numpy 1.5.1, and I got the same

I'm speculating that the solution lies in some environment variable gymnastics, but I'm not sure what files/directories Python needs to "see" that isn't in scope. Any suggestions for how to get numpy working?

I also tried some precompiled binaries for RHEL, but they gave various errors when I did
sudo yum install [numpy precompiled binary url].rpm

As an aside, my motivation for installing numpy is to use PyGnuplot. Also, I've installed numpy and PyGnuplot on other machines before, but it's been on Ubuntu and Mac OS.

Answer Source

I gave up on using RedHat, and I installed Ubuntu in a VM. It was a one-liner using apt-get.

Not an ideal solution to the question at hand, but I just didn't want to spend any more time chasing down a solution for RedHat.

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