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Javascript Question

Rich text editor change style

I have installed ckeditor (Rich text editor) for my blog. Of course I installed it to customize my posts more than the default textarea.

But I have a small problem. On my homepage I preview the first words of the post as a small description. Underneath their is a "read more" button. The problem is that you can see the whole decoration in the preview. But I just want a default white text.

enter image description here

In the first posts I used no decoration. Just typing some text like I would do in a normal editor. As you can see it show fine. But there is one problem: The CKEditor uses a custom class and I don't know how to change the color to white. Thats the first problem.

The second problem is as you can see the all the decoration in the second preview. What I want is that something removes all the decoration and just shows all the text.

I know this is a really large question but I hope someone knows how to fix it.

Thanks for helping!

Answer Source

string strip_tags ( string $str [, string $allowable_tags ] )

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