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Calling a class from Windows form application

I'm learning Windows Forms and I'm stuck when working with Windows Forms and Classes. I want to make a form in which a user can enter the temperature in Farenheit then click a "convert" button and this will take the input value to a "convert" class where it gets converted to Celsius then have both Farenheit and Celsius displayed on a message box.

I have designed the form and I know how to create the class. What I don't know is how to take the input value (farenheit) from the form to a class then calling the converted value from the form and display it in a message box.

I'm a beginner in C# so I'd appreciate your comprehension and beginner-like answers. Thank you!

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You need to create method

public class Convertor
 public datatype FarenheitToCelsius(String value)
  datatype celsius;
  ...conversion logic   
  return celsius;

Then you need to call method of class

public class form1
   public void button_click(arguments...)
       Convertor c = new Convertor();

Note: this is just a partial example

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