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using groupby attribute in pandas

I have a DataFrame with 3 columns (A,B,C) and a large number of rows. There are different types of elements in each of these columns: A1,A2... B1,B2... and C1, C2... respectively.

I want to find the number of times a particular combination (say (A1,B2,C2)) occurs in a row. Then I want to generate a (summary) list of all combinations whose frequency-counts exceed a fixed threshold. Example: combinations number of counts (A1,B2,C2) 5 (A2,B2,C2) 7 .... if the fixed value is 6.

I am new to pandas and numpy. Can this be done efficiently using pandas, and if so how?

Answer Source
df = pd.DataFrame({'A':['A1','A1','A2','A3'],

print (df)
    A   B  C
0   4   7  C1
1   4   7  C1
2   6   9  C2
3   4   7  C3

For count of all combination use groupby + size:

s = df.groupby(["A", "B","C"]).size()
print (s)
A   B   C
A1  4   7     2
A2  6   9     1
A3  4   7     1
dtype: int64

For filtered list by value add boolean indexing:

L = s.index[s > 1].tolist()
print (L)
[('A1', 4, 7)]
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