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How to activate REST API on Bugzilla installation

I have Bugzilla installed on Windows 7, Apache 2.4. It is accessible at: http://localhost:80/bugzilla/ which means when I type that address in my browser, I see the bugzilla homepage, I can login as admin and everything is fine.

I read in Bugzilla's documentation that Bugzilla has a "native REST API" that can be used to interact with it. For example it is alleged that sending a GET to the address:

will return the version of the installed bugzilla; The problem is, it doesn't!

I construct a request like:
and I get a
404 not found
error. I get this exact result for "any" request out of the rest documentation examples.

What am I missing? What am I doing wrong?

Check this out: Bugzilla rest api activation

As the response "claims" (sarcastic air-quote), there should be some installation instructions in the following link:; but there isn't. There is no mention of any download, activation or update that gives me the illusive /rest/ package of requests that seem to be missing from my Bugzilla installation.

Incidentally, shows that my installation is missing these 3 packages:


Could this be the cause?

Update 1: perl-ldap (Net::LDAP) installed. But still shows it as not installed and the problem still exists.

Update 2: LDAP installed but the problem still exists :(

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My bugzilla installation also retuns "404 not found". I had to use this URL to work ok: http://localhost:80/bugzilla/rest.cgi/version

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