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CSS Question

How to use CSS to style a descendant (not a direct child) of an element?

I am trying to override the style of a descendant (not the direct child) of an element using CSS.

Say, I am working on:

<table id="z_d__h3-real" class="z-hbox">
<tr valign="top">

I want to override the style to set the valign of the tr element to "center".

I tried doing:

table.z-hbox tr {

This doesn't work though. I assume table.z-hbox tr is looking up for a direct child
which is not the case here. As
is wrapped inside

How do I fix this?

Answer Source

The problem is not with the precedence. I figured out that it should be

vertical-align: middle instead of vertical-align: center

This works.

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