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"Page Not Found/404 handler” to Swift Express Server

I’m writing the simplest server via Swift Express

And I want to add custom handler for “url not found” so that if user write “/notFoundUrl” he will see something like that: “Url “notFoundUrl” not found, please go to home page”.

I’ve added:

app.get("/:notFoundUrl+") { (request:Request<AnyContent>)->Action<AnyContent> in
return Action<AnyContent>.render("index", context: ["hello": "Page Not Found: " + request.params["notFoundUrl"]!])

But it’s not appropriate becouse:

  • Order does matter.

  • I can’t return 404 error.

So how to add custom “Page Not Found/404 handler” to Swift Express Server?

Answer Source

It much simpler than you are trying to do it.

/// Custom page not found error handler
app.errorHandler.register { (e:ExpressError) in
    switch e {
    case .PageNotFound(let path):
        return Action<AnyContent>.render("404", context: ["path": path], status: .NotFound)
        return nil

The full do can be found here:

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