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Android: Using a tablet to emulate other devices?

I'm thinking of investing in a Google Nexus 10 as my tablet of choice for testing my apps on - I just wondered is it possible to emulate other devices screen resolutions? As the nexus 10 has such a high res and DPI, I would like to be able to run my app on it in say, an 800 x 480 screen etc...

I would like to do this if possible because it would be faster than using the emulator and would support multi-touch. It seems like a no-brainer, but is it actually possible?

Answer Source

There is a way - a post of G+ from Adam Powell (one of the Android devs) explains it nicely:

Basically there are some ADB commands you can use to change the resolution a device displays:

adb shell am display-size


adb shell am display-density

For devices 4.3+, the command is slightly different:

adb shell wm display-density
adb shell wm dislay-size
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