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Ruby block, procs and instance_eval

I recently tried to do something akin to this:

a = "some string"
b ={ upcase }
a.instance_eval b

Which gives the error:

TypeError: can't convert Proc into String

but this works:

def b(&block)
"some string".instance_eval &block

b{ upcase }

A further look with this method:

def b(&block)
"some string".instance_eval block

Yields the same
Proc to String

So... my understanding of blocks is that they are just procs. But there's obviously something special about having this

Can someone explain this to me? Is it possible to convert a normal proc to be whatever it is that is special about this


Just figured out my second question, prepend an
to the proc... that was easy, but WHAT is this really doing?

Answer Source

All you have to do for your first example to work is this:

>> a.instance_eval &b #=> "SOME STRING"

The reason is that instance_eval needs either a string or a block and the ampersand provides the latter.

For understanding the differences between blocks and procs, maybe the following blog post helps:

Understanding Ruby Blocks, Procs and Lambdas

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