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Scala Question

Inserting value into MutableList

I would like to insert a value into a specific index in a scala

which will push successive elements one index along (much like the
java.util.List.add(index, element)
method). I tried using the
method and it compiled but annoyingly I got an
exception at runtime.

I wrote the below method (where
is the
instance) but as you can see it requires a lot of what I deem unnecessary conversion steps. Is there a built-in/faster way of doing it?

def insert(idx: Int, element: String): Unit ={
val newList = new scala.collection.mutable.MutableList[String]()
for(i <- 0 until idx) newList += mList(i)
newList += element
for(i <- idx until content.size) newList += mList(i)
mList = newList

Psuedocode example:

mList = ["a", "f", "x", "e"]
insert(2, "z")
// mList is now ["a", "f", "z", "x", "e"]

I have seen answers on here that apply to immutable lists, but none that apply to mutable lists.

Answer Source

Here is an alternative way of inserting an element in the mutable list:

val ls = MutableList(1,2,3,4) 

val pair = ls.splitAt(1) // split it at the appropriate index into two lists.

pair._1 ++ MutableList(20) ++ pair._2 // MutableList(1, 20, 2, 3, 4)
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