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Python Question

How to change background color of excel cell with python xlwt library?

I use xlwt Python library to write data in excel workbook.

And now I have some problems with adding background color to excel cell.

For example I have next color in RGB(10,20,30), what is the easiest way to do this?
Is there any way to set this color to cell?

I found only this post which similar with my problem.

Answer Source

In this example, I have shown how to set background color for cells, you can run it for result:

from xlwt import Workbook
import xlwt
book = Workbook()
sheet1 = book.add_sheet('Sheet 1')
book.add_sheet('Sheet 2')
for i in range(0, 100):
    st = xlwt.easyxf('pattern: pattern solid;')
    st.pattern.pattern_fore_colour = i
    sheet1.write(i % 24, i / 24, 'Test text',st)'simple.xls')
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