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C# Question

Unity, Android Studio component interaction

I'm new to unity :

I create in Unity a simple cube and put some texture over. I rotate the cube... move camera....then export to android studio. When i run everything looks like in Unity.

But i want to move camera or the cube from android studio code ( programming lines ) and i can not find any way to .."findViewById" or similar to be able to find my cube :)

I try to make a C# file ( i just crate one in assets folder ) and put :

public class test : MonoBehaviour {
public GameObject respawn;
void Start () {

if (respawn == null)
respawn = GameObject.FindWithTag("mamaie");

respawn.transform.Rotate(10f, 50f, 10f);


// Update is called once per frame
void Update () {
transform.Rotate(10f, 50f, 10f);

void LateUpdate()
transform.Rotate(10f, 50f, 10f);

So... how can i control my cube ( designed in unity and imported in android studio ) from programming lines ?

Answer Source

You can call C# function from Java with UnityPlayer.UnitySendMessage.

This is the what the parameters look like:

UnityPlayer.UnitySendMessage("GameObjectName", "MethodName", "parameter to send");

In order to have access to this function, you have to include classes.jar from the <UnityInstallDirectory>\Editor\Data\PlaybackEngines\AndroidPlayer\Variations\mono\Release\Classes directory into your Android Studio project then import it with import com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer; in the Android Studio Project.

Your C# code:

bool rotate = false;

void startRotating()
    rotate = true;

void stopRotating()
    rotate = false;

void Update()
    if (rotate)
        transform.Rotate(10f, 50f, 10f);

Let's assume that the script above is attached to GameObject called "Cube".

To start rotation from Java:

UnityPlayer.UnitySendMessage("Cube", "startRotating", null);

To stop rotation from Java:

UnityPlayer.UnitySendMessage("Cube", "stopRotating", null);
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