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How to change my timezone with gmdate method? PHP

i wanna change my timezone to GMT+3. But i dont know how to do it. I dont wanna change gmdate method btw. Thanks already.

$meetingstamp = strtotime($meeting_date . " UTC");
$dtstart= gmdate("Ymd\THis\Z",$meetingstamp);
$dtend= gmdate("Ymd\THis\Z",$meetingstamp+$meeting_duration);
$todaystamp = gmdate("Ymd\THis\Z");

Answer Source

The answer:

$meetingstamp = strtotime($meeting_date); 
$dtstart = gmdate("Ymd\THis\Z", $meetingstamp);
$dtend = gmdate("Ymd\THis\Z", $meetingstamp+$meeting_duration);
$todaystamp = gmdate("Ymd\THis\Z",strtotime("+3 hours"));
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