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JSON Question

How to Python prettyprint a JSON file

I have a JSON file that is a mess that I want to prettyprint-- what's the easiest way to do this in python? I know PrettyPrint takes an "object", which I think can be a file, but I don't know how to pass a file in-- just using the filename doesn't work.

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The json module already implements some basic pretty printing with the indent parameter:

>>> import json
>>> your_json = '["foo", {"bar":["baz", null, 1.0, 2]}]'
>>> parsed = json.loads(your_json)
>>> print json.dumps(parsed, indent=4, sort_keys=True)
        "bar": [

To parse a file, use json.load:

with open('filename.txt', 'r') as handle:
    parsed = json.load(handle)
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