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R Question

Error while reading csv file in R

I am having some problems in reading a csv file with R.


Error in make.names(col.names, unique = TRUE) :
invalid multibyte string at '<ff><fe>N'

I can read the file using libre office with no problems.

I can not upload the file because it is full of sensible information.

What can I do?

Setting encoding seem like the solution to the problem.

> x=read.csv("LorenzoFerrone.csv",fileEncoding = "UCS-2LE")
> x[2,1]
[1] Adriano Caruso
100 Levels: Ada Adriano Caruso adriano diaz Adriano Diaz alberto ferrone Alexey ... Zia Tina

Answer Source

You need to specify the correct delimiter in the sep argument.

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