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SQL Question

How to get each course name in a grades table where I only have the id for course?

I have a Grades table where I have the following fields:






And a Course table:




I'm trying to get all the grades for a particular student with grades for each course specified, I was wondering how do I get the name of each course?

This is how I get the grades but I want to include the course name also:

SELECT student_id,
(first_term+second_term+final) AS "Total Mark"
WHERE student_id = 1;

Answer Source

You can use this query:

SELECT     s.student_id,
           ( AS "Total  Mark"
FROM       marks s
INNER JOIN course c ON c.course_id = s.course_id
WHERE      s.student_id = 1

Make sure to prefix field names with table names when they are used in both tables (like for course_id). I have prefixed all fields with table aliases.

Table aliases are like short names for tables and you define them right after the table name in the FROM clause.

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