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Node.js Question

Best way to store DB config in Node.Js / Express app

What would be the best way to store DB config (username, password) in an open source app that runs on Node.Js / Express? Two specific questions:

1) Shall I put it into a separate config.js file in

folder, for example, and never include it into the master repository that is publicly available on GitHub?

2) To inlcude the config, is it as simple as
from the file that needs it or is there a better way of doing it?

Thank you!

PS sorry if the questions seem a bit simple or not so well formulated, but I'm just starting :)

Answer Source

Not sure whether this is the best practice, but personally I have a config.json file where I store my db connection information. Then I do the following:

// options.js
var fs = require('fs'),
configPath = './config.json';
var parsed = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync(configPath, 'UTF-8'));
exports.storageConfig=  parsed;

Then from a different file I do the following:

var options = require('./options');

var loginData = {
        host: options.storageConfig.HOST,
        user: options.storageConfig.user,
        password: options.storageConfig.password
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