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ddms: 'adb.exe,start-server' failed -- run manually if necessary, Android Studio

My adb is down, no matter I am using ADT or Android Studio.

And according to the second answer of this SO question, I did:

  1. I type:

    adb nodaemon server


    cannot bind 'tcp:5037'

  2. Then
    netstat -ano | findstr 5037

    I did find a pid of 7416 who listen in

  3. I use
    taskkill /pid 7416 -f
    to kill it.

  4. I type
    netstat -ano | findstr 5037
    again, I found another pid listens at

I guess they are the same, but I have no idea who it is.

Can I simply have a easy way to release this port or change the adb port to another one?

Answer Source

I solve this problem at last! I finally found the program name of the pid and I kill it in the task manager.

The way to detect is described in the question:

  1. adb nodaemon server


cannot bind 'tcp:5037'

2.and then netstat -ano | findstr 5037 to find who takes this port.

Get the pid and find it in the task manager. Please note that the process tab may not show the column of pid, we should include it by setting.

In my case, it is tfadb.exe who takes this port! This is a Chinese Video program client! Try to kill it in task manager.

Now I stop it starting from booting. The problem is solved.

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