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How to user Label Nativescript with text value number / date

i want to show number or date from bindingcontex array. with this code :

<ListView items="{{ pakets }}" itemTap="onTap">
<grid-layout rows="220, *, *, *" columns="*" id="cardReport" tap="goReport">
<image row="0" src="{{ foto }}" stretch="aspectFill"/>
<Label row="1" text="{{ textValue }}" />
<Label row="2" text="{{ numberValue }}" />
<Label row="3" text="{{ dateValue }}" />

fron JSON with value
= 'XXXX',
= 3000,
= '2016-06-04'

Both of numberValue and dateValue not show, but textValue show to screen.

What the problems about it ? How to use namber or date in Label Nativescript.

Thanks anyway

Answer Source

Problems on CSS. i am add with this :

label {
    font-family: 'Roboto', Roboto;

And work weel. Thanks Mr. @nathanael

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