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Paste text on Android using ADB?

This might seem like a duplicate question, but hear me out.

I basically need to press "CTRL+V" inside of Android. I need to paste the current Android clipboard into the focused TextBox.

So this:

adb shell input text [text]

won't do, as it requires me to enter the text myself. I just need to paste the current clipboard.

Is that possible through ABD? I googled and googled and all I found was ways to set clipboard content and not actually just press the paste button.

for the sake to ease development

Answer Source

My solution:

  1. I installed the Tasker plugin.
  2. I made a "scene" with a button.
  3. On the button tap event I added the "Control+V plugin" with the configuration to type %CLIP.
  4. Now I made a profile that direct to a task to show the scene (overlay,blocking).
  5. And last but not least, I use adb shell input tap x y to tap the button.
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