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Javascript Question

I don't understand function return in javascript

Can anyone explain why javascript return statement is used in function? when and why we should use it?

Please help me.

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Why is it used in a function?

1. To return back the results of the function

The return does what is says - it returns back some values to the function caller

function addNumbers(number1, number2) {
   var result = number1 + number2;
   return result;

var result = addNumbers(5, 6); // result now holds value '11'

2. To break the execution of the function

Another reason that return is used is because it also breaks the flow of the function - that means that if you hit return - the function stops running any code that is below it.

function addNumbers(number1, number2) {
   // if number1 or number2 are not given stop running the rest of this function's code 
   if (!number1 || !number2) return false;
   var result = number1 + number2; // this was not executed
   return result; // neither was this

var result = addNumbers(5); //result now holds value 'false' since it didn't provide all the necessary arguments and function addNumbers() returned 'false'

Why we should use it?

Because you should be a lazy programmer

Let's imagine that you are writing an application that does geometric calculations - Surely along the way you would want to calculate... e.g the distance between 2 points - which is a common calculation.

  • Would you write the formula again each time you need it?
  • What if your formula was wrong? Would you visit all the places in the code where the formula was written to make the changes?

No - instead you would wrap it into a function and have it return back the result - so you write the formula once and you reuse it everywhere you want to.

function getLineDistance(x1, y1, x2, y2) {
    var distance = Math.sqrt((Math.pow((x2 - x1), 2)) + (Math.pow(( y2 - y1), 2)));
    return distance;

var lineDistance1 = getLineDistance(5, 5, 10, 20); 
var lineDistance2 = getLineDistance(3, 5, 12, 24);
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