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Geocoding using Geopy and Python

I am trying to Geocode a CSV file that contains the name of the location and a parsed out address which includes Address number, Street name, city, zip, country. I want to use GEOPY and ArcGIS Geocodes through Geopy.I wanted to create a code that loops through my csv of 5000+ entries and gives me the latitude and longitude in separate columns in my CSV. I want to use ArcGIS Geocoding service through Geopy. Can anyone provide me with a code to get started? Thanks!

Here is my script:

import csv
from geopy.geocoders import ArcGIS

geolocator = ArcGIS() # here some parameters are needed

with open('C:/Users/v-albaut/Desktop/Test_Geo.csv', 'rb') as csvinput:
with open('output.csv', 'w') as csvoutput:
output_fieldnames = ['Name','Address', 'Latitude', 'Longitude']
writer = csv.DictWriter(csvoutput, delimiter=',', fieldnames=output_fieldnames)
reader = csv.DictReader(csvinput)

for row in reader:
# here you have to replace the dict item by your csv column names
query = ','.join(str(x) for x in (row['Name'], row['Address']))
Address, (latitude, longitude) = geolocator.geocode(query)

# here is the writing section
output_row = {}
output_row['Name'] = Name
output_row['Address'] = Address
output_row['Latitude'] = Latitude
output_row['Longitude'] =Longitude

Answer Source

I've been using this script to do some batch-geocoding from .csv. It requires that one column contain the complete text address that you wish to geocode, and that one column be titled 'UniqueID', which has a unique identifier for each item in the .csv. It will also print out a list of any addresses that it failed to geocode. It also does a quick check to see if the zip code might be incorrect/throwing off the geocoding:

def main(path, filename):
# path to where your .csv lives, and the name of the csv.
    import geopy
    from geopy.geocoders import ArcGIS
    import pandas as pd

    Target_Addresses = pd.read_csv(path+'\\'+filename)
    Target_Addresses['Lat'] = np.nan
    Target_Addresses['Long'] = np.nan
    Indexed_Targets = Target_Addresses.set_index('UniqueID')

    geolocator = ArcGIS() #some parameters here
    Fails = []
    for index, row in Indexed_Targets.iterrows():
        Address = row['Address']
        Result = geolocator.geocode(Address)
        if Result == None:
            Result = geolocator.geocode(Address[:-7])
            if Result == None:
                Indexed_Targets.set_value(index, 'Lat', Result.latitude)
                Indexed_Targets.set_value(index, 'Long', Result.longitude)
            Indexed_Targets.set_value(index, 'Lat', Result.latitude)
            Indexed_Targets.set_value(index, 'Long', Result.longitude)
    for address in Fails:
        print address

if __name__ == '__main__':
    main(path, filename) # whatever these are for you...

This will output a new csv with "_RESULTS" (e.g., an input of 'addresses.csv' will output 'addresses_RESULTS.csv') with two new columns for 'Lat' and 'Long'.

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