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How to set a randomly a generated number for a simple guess the number game in HTML 5 and javascript

I'm coding a simple game using JavaScript, CSS and HTML5. and i need some help to simply get a generated number

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Your problem is that the variable 'my_no' is undefined because the function 'rnd' does not return anything. Assuming that you need to generate a number between 'From' and 'To' (inclusive), you should change your 'rnd' function like this:

function rnd(from, to) 
    /* Returns a random number between from and to (inclusive) */

    return Math.floor((Math.random() * (to - from + 1))) + from;

After that change, the range function should look like this:

function range() 
    var to = parseInt(;
    var from = parseInt(;

    count = 0;

    my_no = rnd(from, to); = "Guess a number, enter it, and press Guess.";

Have fun unlocking the sphinx ;)

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