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How to read a String followed by an int in Java?

I've been struggling to get this done. What I need is to read a input like this:

DEPOSITO 123 1000.00
, but the String "DEPOSITO" needs to be saved in one variable, the int "123" to another variable and the double "1000.00" to another variable. The problem is that I couldn't find anything like
, if I could scan just the string into a variable, I probably could scan the rest of the input stream with
. If I do
on a attempt to read only the string, it reads the whole line, so what is the answer to my problem here? I'm really clueless.


Since the input always begins with a string, you could get the string first, and then determine how many variables there are after it based on that:

String input = scanner.nextLine();

// use regex to split string
String tokens = input.split("\\s+");

String firstPart = tokens[0];

int intPart = 0;
double doublePart = 0;
int transferenciaInt = 0;

if(firstPart.equals("SAQUE") || firstPart.equals("DEPOSITO"))
    intPart = Integer.parseInt(tokens[1]);
    doublePart = Double.parseDouble(tokens[2]);
    intPart = Integer.parseInt(tokens[1]);
    transferenciaInt = Integer.parseInt(tokens[2]);
    doublePart = Double.parseDouble(tokens[3]);

For more information on regular expressions (regex) see this: Learning Regular Expressions