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Shell, redirect all output to a file but still print echo

I have multiple vagrant provisions (shell scripts), and I would like to redirect all command output to a file while keeping the

output in stdout.

Currently I redirect all output by doing

exec &>> provision.log

At the beginning of each provision

Which works great, but console is empty. So I would like to redirect everything but the echo commands to a file.

If there would be a possibility of redirecting all output (including echo) to a file and keeping only echo in stdout that would be the best.

Result should look like:


Starting provision "master"
Updating packages...
Installing MySQL...
ERROR! check provision.log for details


Starting provision "master"
Updating packages...
(output from apt-get)
Installing MySQL...
(output from apt-get install mysql-server-5.5)
ERROR! check provision.log for details

I do realize I could attach output redirect to every command but that is quite messy

Answer Source

You can take this approach of duplicating stdout file descriptor and using a custom echo function redirecting to duplicate file descriptor.


# open fd=3 redirecting to 1 (stdout)
exec 3>&1

# function echo to show echo output on terminal
echo() {
   # call actual echo command and redirect output to fd=3 and log file
   command echo "$@"
   command echo "$@" >&3

# redirect stdout to a log file    
exec >>logfile

printf "%s\n" "going to file"
echo "on stdout"

# close fd=3
exec 3>&-
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