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Regex C++: extract substring

I would like to extract a substring between two others.



or just

And I would like to get :

I don't want to use boost or other libs. Just standard stuffs from C++, except CERN's ROOT lib, with TRegexp, but I don't know how to use it...

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Since last year C++ has regular expression built into the standard. This program will show how to use them to extract the string you are after:

#include <regex>
#include <iostream>

int main()
    const std::string s = "/home/toto/FILE_mysymbol_EVENT.DAT";
    std::regex rgx(".*FILE_(\\w+)_EVENT\\.DAT.*");
    std::smatch match;

    if (std::regex_search(s.begin(), s.end(), match, rgx))
        std::cout << "match: " << match[1] << '\n';

It will output:

match: mysymbol

It should be noted though, that it will not work in GCC as its library support for regular expression is not very good. Works well in VS2010 (and probably VS2012), and should work in clang.

By now (late 2016) all modern C++ compilers and their standard libraries are fully up to date with the C++11 standard, and most if not all of C++14 as well. GCC 6 and the upcoming Clang 4 support most of the coming C++17 standard as well.

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