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Javascript Question

Uppercase first letter of variable

I have searched over the web can can't find anything to help me. I want to make the first letter of each word upper case within a variable.

So far i have tried:


And had no luck, as it uppercases all letters.

Answer Source

Use the .replace[MDN] function to replace the lowercase letters that begin a word with the capital letter.

var str = "hello world";
str = str.toLowerCase().replace(/\b[a-z]/g, function(letter) {
    return letter.toUpperCase();
alert(str); //Displays "Hello World"

Edit: If you are dealing with word characters other than just a-z, then the following (more complicated) regular expression might better suit your purposes.

var str = "петр данилович björn über ñaque αλφα";
str = str.toLowerCase().replace(/^[\u00C0-\u1FFF\u2C00-\uD7FF\w]|\s[\u00C0-\u1FFF\u2C00-\uD7FF\w]/g, function(letter) {
    return letter.toUpperCase();
alert(str); //Displays "Петр Данилович Björn Über Ñaque Αλφα"

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