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WooCommerce Memberships: Conditional to check a page access

I have a Wordpress Memberships website that is built on WooCommerce with WooCommerce Memberships plugin to restrict certain pages to members only.

Some of those pages are "drip-fed"... ie. Access to those pages opens 3 days after purchase, etc. I have set this up in WooMemberships.

I am trying to simply do a PHP conditional check to see if the current user has access to a certain page.

I have found this code piece in the docs:


However, I have been unable to make it work.

Is there a code snippet which will basically do a PHP IF statement on whether the current user has access to a certain page (using
page ID


if ( current_user_has_access(page_ID) ) { DO SOMETHING } else { DON'T }


Answer Source

You will have to Replace (in the conditions):

  1. $page_id by your page ID number (for example: is_page(42))
  2. $membership_plan by the slug of the plan ('plan_slug') or related post ID.

The conditions:

  • wc_memberships_is_post_content_restricted($page_id) => true if $page_id is retracted.
  • is_page($page_id) => true if is actual $page_id.
  • wc_memberships_is_user_active_member( $membership_plan ) => true actual user is an active member for this $membership_plan plan. In that case the access to the page is granted by the suscription plan of the user.

You can remove some of the conditions, if not needed, and fine tune for your needs.

if( wc_memberships_is_post_content_restricted() && is_page($page_id) && wc_memberships_is_user_active_member( $membership_plan ) ) {

    // do something

} else {

    // don't


--- Update ---

The only function related to restriction and (or) time access are:

1) wc_memberships_restrict( $content, $membership_plans, $delay, $exclude_trial )
just like shortcode [wcm_restrict] (so not useful)…

2) wc_memberships_get_user_access_time( $user_id, $target, $action, $gmt ): Parameters

$user_id  // for a logged 'user ID'
$target   : array('post' => id, 'product' => id) // content_type and content_id
$action   : 'view' or 'purchase' // Type of access (products only)<br>
$gmt =>   : true  or  false // (selection of the time zone)
// Returns user access start timestamp (in site timezone) for content or a product

Reference: WooCommerce Memberships Function Reference

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