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AngularJS - Injection in config

In my app I need to inject "dateFilter" in the

block. I know I can't do it like this:


is not a provider or a constant, it's not available during

However, after some research, I made it work by using the following in the


Doesn't this mean that I can get anything during
? Then what's the point making only
injectable during
? Is it bad to do something like

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angular.injector shouldn't be used in production, unless the circumstances are really exotic (i.e. almost never). It creates a new injector instance and introduces some overhead. Conventional Angular DI is good for its testability, while angular.injector turns a part of the application into untestable piece of code. Always reuse current injector inside the app, if possible (i.e. almost always).

Usually 'how to use service instance in config block' type of questions indicates an XY problem. The fact that Angular uses config to configure service providers that thereafter will create service instances (chicken-egg dilemma) suggests that the application should be refactored to respect Angular life cycle.

However, built-in filters are stateless helper functions, and their use in config phase is relatively harmless. dateFilter service is defined by $filterProvider, and $filterProvider should be injected to get to dateFilterProvider. The problem is that dateFilter depends on $locale service, which wasn't instantiated yet. $locale is constant (in broad sense) that doesn't depend on other services, so it has to be instantiated too.

angular.module('...', [
  'ngLocale' // if used, should be loaded in this module
.config(($filterProvider, $localeProvider, $provide, $injector) => {
  var $locale = $injector.invoke($localeProvider.$get);
  var dateFilterProvider = $injector.get('dateFilterProvider')
  var dateFilter =  $injector.invoke(dateFilterProvider.$get, { $locale: $locale });

  $provide.constant('dateHelper', dateFilter);

This is a hack should be taken into account in tests (dateHelper service should superficially tested) but is relatively trouble-free and idiomatic.

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