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C Question

How to pass char array and access it's value in C

I am a begginer at C and I want to understand how to pass a char array to a method. And in the method access the array's values.

I tried making an example but i keep getting errors :/

here's my example:

int checkCommandSyntax(char * text);

int main(int vcount, char* varr[])
char * text = "fg something";



int checkCommandSyntax(char * text)
int i = 0;

while (!(text[i] == '\0'))
printf("%s", text[i]);


Answer Source

Your code works fine besides one simple error. You are passing printf the argument %s which means it should print a string. You are trying to print one character, so change

printf("%s", text[i]);


printf("%c", text[i]);

%c denotes that you want to print a character value.

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