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Javascript Question

AngularJS: TypeError: undefined is not an object for localstorage

I want to test the values in

. Here is the package I use to store those values: https://www.npmjs.com/package/ngstorage

Here is my code:

var module = angular.module(‘myModule', ['ngStorage']);

module.controller(‘MyController’, ['$scope', '$localStorage', function($scope,$localStorage){

$scope.storage = $localStorage;

$scope.data = {

name: “55 Cherry St.“

$scope.storage.name = $scope.data.name;

I want to test the above code in
Jasmine and Mocha
. I dont know how I can as it gives me this error now:

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'expect($localStorage).to.be') (line 14)

Here is my test code:

describe('my Module', function () {
var $controller;
var $scope;
var element;


beforeEach(function() {
$scope = {};

inject(function ($controller, $rootScope, $compile, $localStorage) {
var $controller = $controller('myController', {$scope: $scope});

describe('My controller', function () {

it('should contain a $localStorage service', inject(function(
) {

Answer Source

Jasmine doesn't have a expect('something').not.to.equal() function. Use this instead:


Also, while reproducing your error, myController is not defined. Fixed using:

var $controller = $controller('MyController', {$scope: $scope});  // MyController (uppercase)

And I think beforeEach(module('ngStorage')); is not necessary, since it already is a dependency of your module.

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