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HTML Question

Gmail wraps certain HTML elements in a class called im

I have been testing out an HTML e-mail process I've created recently. But as of lately, when I open the e-mail in Gmail, I'm noticing that certain elements are wrapped in a class that I know I didn't put in the original HTML layout. In fact I just triple checked! When viewing the HTML email in Gmail, random sections of my form are being wrapped with...

<div class="im">

As a result, some text turns purple, while other text does not. Why does this happen?


Answer Source

Gmail seems to think that you are quoting other emails in a conversation and so is wrapping around the sections of your code that it thinks are previous bits in a conversation.

This might happen if your code has a TABLE with more than one TR. To get around this, rather than several TRs in one TABLE, use several TABLEs with one TR in each.

This might also happen if you have multiple subject lines that are the same, causing Gmail to think this is a conversation. You can fix this by making each subject line unique.

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