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Android Question

Listening to Video Ad. Finish Event in Interstitial Ad (Google AdMob)

I have an interstitial ad-id with video types only.
Is it possible to listen whether the video play-back is completed to decide on some rewards for the user?

So far, AdListener has only loaded, failed, opened, left-app & closed events as described in this doc, but I need the video-play completion event.

One alternate solution(?) to me:

If the video length can be approximated / found, I can run some timer to detect the completion using the ad-closed event, but is it again possible to get the video duration?

Answer Source

You can use rewarded interstitial ads

or on AdClosed event award with in-app goodies

mInterstitialAd.setAdListener(new AdListener() {
    public void onAdClosed() {
        //AdClosed now reward user with points etc
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