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PHP Question

how to go to the same page after login in PHP

For example,


I am browsing a page without logging in and my last page before logging in is beforeLogin.php


Now my prob is when i logged in i am redirecting to the index.php page. Instead i should be redirected to the last page what i had browsed.

That is from the above example is should redirected to beforeLogin.php

How should this can be done.

Any help will be appreciable.

thanks in advance


You would need a way to keep track of the web pages visited, so you can back-reference to the last page the user has browsed to.

When I think of tracking a user's session across multiple-pages I, like every other PHP programmer, think of using sessions.

A possible way could be to store the link visited into a session variable and then when the user reaches the login.php page (the page to login into) provide a header redirect to $url given by the session variable.

NOTE: Below code snippets, have not been tested or compiled.

You can paste this code into all your pages on your website:

session_start(); // starts the session
$_SESSION['url'] = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; // i.e. "about.php"

This utilizes the $_SERVER variables to return the URI of the current page visited using $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']

And then for the login page to help further demonstrate:

session_start();  // needed for sessions.
   $url = $_SESSION['url']; // holds url for last page visited.
   $url = "index.php"; // default page for 

header("Location: http://example.com/$url"); // perform correct redirect.