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Delete all empty directories in specified path

In my program, I create a long branching tree of directories. When I'm done with certain files on the leaves of this tree, I delete them, but I end up with a lot of empty parent directories. I'd like to delete these as well. However, I can't just recursively delete all these parent directories, because some of them have children that I can't delete yet.


If I delete document.txt, I want to also delete all the other empty folders in the path. However, file 3 has something in it (besides file4), so I can't delete it or anything above it. So in this case, file4 and file5 would be deleted.

Consider the root directory to be Project1. I don't want to delete anything above that.

Has anyone written something to do this?

Basically, something I can call where I can specify the path I'm trying to remove from the tree (first arg below), along with the root of the tree (second arg).


Another way to look at it is the inverse of Directory.CreateDirectory. This is the function I used to generate these long branches. Now I need to remove them when I'm done without disturbing anything else.

Answer Source

A little bit of iteration would work:

var di = new DirectoryInfo(@"C:\MyProject\Project1\file1\file2\file3\file4\");
var root = @"C:\MyProject\Project1"; // no trailing slash!
while (di.FullName != root 
       && !di.EnumerateFiles().Any() 
       && !di.EnumerateDirectories().Any())
    di = di.Parent;

Start from the directory of interest; as long as there are no files and you have not reached the "root", delete it and move to its parent directory. Repeat until done.

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