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Average of key values in a list of dictionaries

I have this list of dictionaries :

[{'Eva': [4, 8, 2]}, {'Ana': [57, 45, 57]}, {'Ada': [12]}]

I need to get the average of each key value, so that the output is :

[{'Eva': [5], {'Ana' : [53]}, {'Ada':[12]}]

The average must be rounded up or down by adding 0.5 and taking the only the integer part. For example, if the average is 4.3 adding 0.5 equals 4.8, so the output is 4. If the average is 4.6 adding 0.5 equals 5.1, so the output is 5.

I know how to use
to iterate over a dictionary, but since this is a list I don't know how to reach every value.

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

You can use zip and numpy functions mean and round for this task:

In [8]: import numpy as np

In [9]:  [dict(zip(d.keys(), [int(np.round(np.mean(d.values())))])) for d in L]

#Out[9]: [{'Eva': 5}, {'Ana': 53}, {'Ada': 12}]

Version with "less" parenthesis:

[dict(zip(d.keys(), [np.array(d.values()).mean().round().astype(int)])) for d in L]