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How to remove the literal string "\n" (not newlines) from a variable in bash?

I'm pulling some data from a database and one of the strings I'm getting back is in one line and contains multiple instances of the string

. These are not newline characters; they are literally the string
, i.e. backslash+en, or hex 5C 6E.

I've tried using sed and tr to remove them however they don't seem recognize the string and don't effect the variable at all. This has been a difficult problem to search for on google as all the results I get back are about how to remove newline characters from strings which is not what I need.

How can I remove these strings from my variable in bash?

Example data:

\n\nCreate a URL where the client can point their web browser to. This URL should test the following IP addresses and ports for connectivity.

Example failed command:

echo "$someString" | tr '\\n' ''

Operating system: Solaris 10

Possible Duplicate - Except this is in python

Answer Source

The tr utility will only work with single characters, transliterating them from one set of characters to another. This is not the tool you want.

With sed:

newvar="$( sed 's/\\n//g' <<<"$var" )"

The only thing worth noting here is the escaping of the \ in \n. I'm using a here-string (<<<"...") to feed the value of the variable var into the standard input of sed.

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