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Reading and using a custom configuration file

I'm currently working on a script which should analyze a dataset based on a 'configuration' file.

The input of this file is for instance:


123456, 654321

It can contain onther values as well, but they will al be numeric. In the example described above the file should be read in as follows:

timestart <- 123456
timeend <- 654321
exclude <- c(409,255,265)
paid <- 1

The layout of the configuration file is not fixed, but it should contain a starting time (unix) an ending time (unix) an array with numbers to exclude and other fields. In the end it should be constructed from fields a user specifies in a GUI. I don't know which formatting would suit best for that case, but as soon as I have these basics working I don't think that will be a big problem.

But that will make it harder to know which values belong to which variable.

Answer Source

Indeed, as Andrie suggested, using a .r config file is the easiest way to do it. I overlooked that option completely!

Thus, just make a .r file with the variables already in it:

timestart <- 123456
timeend <- 654321
exclude <- c(409,255,265)
paid <- 1

In other script use:


And voila. Thank you Andrie!

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